Stock UI vs Tri_zet rom: Which is better?


Dec 4, 2011
I just bought the huawei s7 slim and I am wondering if I should try to install the tri_zet rom on the unit. I have found that the stock UI runs pretty smoothly as long as I dont have too many apps (especially those that use a lot of data). Netflix and dolphin hd work great and I can even put them up on my big screen via the hdmi out port. My experience thus far has been pleasant and I don't know if its worth it to install another rom. I wish there were more choices. When I replaced the UI on my nook color and G-tab there were so many different options and the installation was really easy. If you already have tri_zet on your slim please let me know how it compares to the stock UI.

Sidenote: I am running android 2.2.2