Storage Problems (System vs Internal Storage)

Deadbolt Don

Junior Member
Oct 3, 2015
I'm having some issues with My IVIEW 796tpc tablet, but wonder if there is a "generic" answer for this problem.
I can't download/update any apps cause there is "insufficient space". If I goto settings>storage it shows that the system storage is almost full. (Total space 503 MB with 46.03 MB available)
The Internal storage is much better (total space 5.79 GB with 5.50 GB available)
Also at this time have a sd card with 12.6 GB available.
It seems that everything Is getting put to system?
There is a option to select "preferred install location" System, internal, or let system decide.
Selecting any one still doesn't allow install/updates of apps.

This seems like should be simple but I am unsure what to do. 503MB is useless, and is littered with minor bloatware.


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
You have an 8GB tablet. 1.7GB of space are unaccounted for, and the bulk of that space is the /data partition, where all user-installed apps and updates live. Do you have any large games installed? If so, uninstall them then reinstall them, this time telling Android to install them to the internal storage. You can't install apps to the MicroSD card, so that's not an avenue for you.