Storage space is running out / insufficient storage available


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Mar 8, 2013
This is becoming increasingly annoying!

My Hero is set as follows:


Total Space 881MB
Available 111MB


Total Space 12.84GB
Available 3.53GB


Total Space 29.80GB
Available 10.91GB

And yet I consistently get apps trying to install/update reporting insufficient storage available etc.

Looking around, I see some people can free up a load of space from data/log_other_mode but I don't have this folder, or at least I can't find it using ES File Explorer.

Surely there must be a way of keeping that internal storage clear when the AinolNovo10 storage is also internal?

Is there a way I can stop this bloody annoying block on updates? Over 14GB of free space and being told I don't have enough space for 5MB app is a pain in the bum!

thanks in advance!


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Mar 24, 2011
Is there a way I can stop this bloody annoying block on updates?

Using ES File Explorer, I'd suggest you move all your media files (books, pictures, videos, movies, music files etc.) to your external SD card. The apps have to be installed on the internal memory. If you're still having a problem after that, archive (delete) some of the apps/games you use infrequently. You can always install them again if/when needed.


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Mar 8, 2013
You probably would only be able to find that log if your tablet was rooted.

Is it possible to have a non-rooted Ainol Novo Hero?

Regardless, mine is rooted and still no sign.

I've cleared out some unused apps and what I can. The main problem was SwiftKey wouldn't install despite plenty of space. In the end, I uninstalled it and then it reinstalled absolutely fine.

Still, it is bloody annoying that some apps feel they need to be on internal when they don't (and shouldn't be).

Also frustrating that the Ainol's other internal storage is not considered to be internal storage in this sense. That would solve all the problems.