Stuck at Boot Screen


Apr 26, 2011
Stuck at Boot Screen


So part of my problem started with some directory listings being in Chinese, even though I changed the language settings and also Location. So I choose the option to reset to defaults and the system powered down and them began its boot up sequence and is now stuck at the boot screen with an image of the Android guy and the build Android 2.2 title below.

I have tried using the tablet hocked to a notebook pc and a desktop pc but as USB debugging is not currently enabled I can't view the internal card.
Is there any way to bring this system back to life. I imagine that I need to run a setup file to reset the config? Is there a button/power combination that will allow a re-install?

Thanks in advance for any help,

System as follows:

Model # : FR-809
CPU : Freescale A8 (Mx515)
CPU : 1GHz
Memory : DDR2 512MB
Built in Memory: 4GB NAND flash
Operating system : Android 2.2​


Apr 6, 2011
Do not know if this will help as I am lost, but I know with my Viewsonic Gtablet if you can power it down, then hold the power and the vol + - key till you get rediscovery. That may work mine will not power down at this time.
Let us know how it goes
Good luck Jaye


Jun 14, 2011
While starting the pad, hold down the home key and the menu button. This should boot you into the recovery screen. Try using the factory reset and see if that works. If you are still stuck on android boot screen and can't turn it off, try putting a pin into the small reset hole and then while holding the pin there, you can move the switch to the off position.

Let me know what happens.

BTW remember that even though you aren't connected through usb debug, you can still use adb to upload data.

Good luck

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