Stuck in Recovery Mode


Dec 5, 2013
Dear all , im new here and i have stumbled into quite a mess

1. im using samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (wifi only) with non functioning button ( power buttons only work when the tab are completely drained or turn off. both of the volume buttons are not working too)
2. The devices are rooted and running stock rom honeycomb
3. my tab crashed and resulted google play error.
4. i flashed TWRP from odin (using adb shell reboot download) . it works and now i can access the recovery mode without using the damned button
5. Updates my tab via OTA to icecream . Successfully updated. Thinking of making a new fresh backup (god why i want to do this)
6. problem starts : From previously installed clockwork app it shows my recovery is TWRP and i booted into recovery
7. lies. apparently it is android system recovery (3e) . Remember my buttons are not working? i cant do anything here

8. ok i think i can flashed it back with twrp. tried adb shell reboot download only turns off the tab. now im lost

Is there any hope to recover from this? im stuck now. appreciate if you guys could help a noob out. Many thanks in advance.