Stuck on "Obtaining IP Address"


Oct 22, 2011
The acer is not full of quirks. Your router is.

I suggest a yoy upgrade your router's firmware from the manufacturer's site.

No more than two or four people use fixed ip addresses on this forum. This is not a common problem. If it was there would be hundreds of people moaning about it.

Fix your router, or get a new one. You've proven yourself that the table works everywhere except your own router.

I went to static and that has seemed to clear the issue up. I'm guess its an android thing like the poster below is suggesting

Don't miss quote. A500 is not the problem. The quirkiness of Android in some of its operations is the issue. But I must say that ecvept for the one time issue, Android has been very stable and as a result my A500 has been faultless. The quirkiness may have to do with understanding that Android is not Windows (where so many of us make our errors) and never will be. The IP address issue is known to happen with Android phones as well. However any network can be affected by IP conflicts - I see this every day. Even with devices, like APPLE, where one is told how good and faultless they are and how they never have any problems. My response usually is: yeah right!

I've just decided to edit this post with an explanation "yeah right" which may not be understood except if you're from Australia. It is a double positive which here means a negative!

But as far as the issue with Wifi, that it affect all tablets. I haven't had the problem except for dud routers at MacDonalds - where I know the router is faulty because not even a laptop connects. Icebike hasn't had problems either.

PC USER, I believe is a mag from the UK. I wouldn't trust mags implicitly.


Feb 1, 2013
The acer is not broken, and doesn't need fixing, as you have proven by connecting at work.

Your router has ceased to respond to the Acer's request for an IP, so your router is broken. Its not uncommon. You knew enough to reboot the acer. I'm just astounded you didn't follow thru to the next logical step.

Routers are just software, and all software has bugs.

Those units that have an IP continue to use the IP they were last given, but the IP the acer last was issued may have been given to some other device.

When two pieces of hardware that interact with each other suddenly start failing, basic logic suggests that the problem is just as likely to be on either end. Concentrating all your efforts and all the blame on one device is counterproductive.

Dear Icebike, thank you very much for the above explanation. Not only did it solve the problem for me but it gave me a clear understanding in layman terms of the problem. Impressive