successfully installed market place under windows 7 32bit just few thing to mention


Dec 29, 2010
1. DO NOT mod the andorid_winusb.inf, use the original.. the mod is intended for windows xp.not windows 7.
if you moded the file, windows 7 will not recognized the device and install the driver, it will tell you that driver not found or something like that.

2. the adb files for running the adb command in sdk r8 is under platform-tools, not tools. so if you go under the tools folder and type adb whatever, it will tell you no device found.
(special thanks to BKenney who helped me out on this.)

3.when running command flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img,caution: don't forget that there's a space after the flash_image recovery, and then theres the slash sdcard. if you type the command without the space, the adb reboot recovery will bring you into the coby factory recovery menu, not the clockworkmod menu.

hope this help anybody that stucked under win7 platform.