Superpad 7..... Internal Memory and Tilt sensor problems???


Apr 28, 2013
Hi all, I am new to this site as just come across it today trying to find a solution to my problem.

I have a couple of questions. I have just purchased off ebay a superpad 7 and I am really struggling with it and really hope somebody can help me.
First thing is the tilt sensor, it doesn't allow me to tilt the tablet at all on any games even when I click on accelerometer coordinate system and then click on special coordinate system, to support some other games. Does it just not have enough sensitivity to tilt?

And the main thing is this tablet is supposed to have 20gb of internal memory, has a sticker on the tablet saying this and this is what was advertised but when I go into the storage it shows two internal storage bars, the first saying total space 369mb of which is available 45.43mb and the second internal storage says 2.38gb, of which is available 1.74gb. However I cannot download any more apps from the playstore as it says insuffient storage so it is only registering the first bar of internal storage. How do I get it to register the second, also some of my apps have downloaded straight onto my sd card which is 16gb and when I try to move them to my tablet, it says app doesn't exist.

Is this tablet faulty and should I send it back or is there a solution to all this.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards