Superpad III Fake or Real??


Jan 5, 2012

My mum very kindly bought me a tablet for christmas. She does not know much about these things but was thrilled by the expression on my face when I opened it up and I'm really happy she went out of her way to purchase it for me. HOWEVER, upon doing some research into the tablet I have come to the conclusion that it could quite possibly be a fake. I would never tell my mum this but I would like to know out of my own interest. I can do pretty much everything that a tablet should be able to do. Like connect to wifi, browse the net, connect to android market, Download social networking apps. But there are certain things that I am unable to do. I am unable to search for certain things in the market and when I search them ie Skype, it brings up some chineese apps instead. The same happens when i search for skysports news apps etc. Also it quite regularly force closes internet and my apps.
The question i ask is this: Do I have a fake and if so, what will i not be able to do with it???

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Jun 30, 2010
There is no such thing as a fake Android device because Android is free open source operating system. That means any body can use it for free. Have said that there are name brand Android tablets and not name brand Android tablets or you can thing about it like high end tablets and low end tablets. The one that you got is a lower end tablet but like you said it can still do mostly everything you want. There will be some apps that wont show up in the market and thats the same for higher end tablets also, just because there is an app out there doesnt mean it will work on every device.


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello Androiduser, as P. Robbie said, not all apps work on all tablets. Many time it's because the tablet is lacking a feature required for the app to run properly. For example, if an app requires a microphone it's not going to work on a tablet that has no microphone etc.