Swapping Digitisers


Jan 1, 2016
I have an Ematic Tablet

With a broken screen and digitizer.

I also have a Trio Stealth G4 7 Tablet


It is bricked and won't go pass the logo screen

Both are almost the same size and apart from the position of the ribbon attachment seemed like an almost perfect fit. However, when I tried to use the Trio's digitizer/ screen on the Ematic, it comes on but there is no "picture" just lines....sort of like it has no signal. The Trio digitiser works on the trio tablet and the Ematic digitizer works on the Trio tablet.

Is it that the Trio digitiser is not compatible with the Ematic tablet? I did not think that was possible. What would cause it to be incompatible? Is there anyway can I get around it?
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Jun 16, 2012
They're not compatible. The pinouts for the ribbon cable are likely very different, not to mention you would have to compile a kernel for the Ematic that includes support for the Trio's digitizer. So not only is it possible, but extremely likely. There's no way to get around this hardware limitation: you have to purchase the correct digitizer to get the tablet to function.