Sylvania Tab loses memory at reboot and cant install apps


Jan 23, 2011
I have seen this issue occur in a few posts already but I cant find one that has been answered. Basically I am having two problems with my Sylvania Tab.

1) Every time I turn off the tab or it shuts off due to the battery dying the tab does a reset. This is highly annoying as I have to not only calibrate the screen but enter ALL my information again including settings, email info, time zone, etc. each time.

2) I am not allowed to install any apps or anything onto the tab as it says that my memory is too low. Now I have NO additional apps other than the ones it comes with and a 16g memory card that is completely empty so memory is not an issue. It seems more of an issue with the tab.

Again, I have seen multiple people with the same problem and it seems to have all occurred after the latest firmware update, which btw before you ask I am updated to DG2.02 lol. Also I cannot get into recovery mode even following the directions of other users in the forum. PLEASE if you know what is wrong or have found a solution after having this problem let me know. Otherwise I'm reduced to owning a nice $170 paperweight. Thanks


Feb 1, 2011
I have a Disgo 6000, If the procedure is the same try this:

With device off press your thumb against the screen and hold. Without releasing press and hold both the power and menu buttons. It'll say something about reloading system (or similar terminology) and will ask you to press the correct buttons to start the process. Press both the power and menu buttons together and the device will download the back up ROM and install it. Once it finishes it count downs to a reboot and once booted it should work like new.