system font change caused brick ?? coby kyros .. i miss my tablet !! help.

Dec 28, 2011
Hey all.
I screwed up I think. I superoneclicked my kyros 7125 / 2.3.3 and it was awesome. Earlier today I renamed Phone and telephony and restarted... things seemed great.

Then I got greedy and added a TTF font to the system/font folder.
I renamed the DroidSans.ttf to DroidSans.ttf.orig.
I then renamed the new font to DroidSans.ttf and it worked great.
I decided to change back so I changed the NEW DroidSans.ttf back to its original name.
I forgot to remove the .orig from the system font.
I restarted and it just hangs on the COBY screen. I can't shut it off.
As far as I know there is no font in the system with the proper name or it may be the phone/telephony thing.
I"m not sure.
I can get to the system recovery screen but nothing seems to work.
I really don't mind doing a complete firmware redo unless there is a fix ??
Anybody had a system font issue or is it the damn phone.old /telephony.old thing ?
Please help if you can..... I was really enjoying this thing. I had SKYPE working !!!!!!!!
Dec 28, 2011
clearly this is a forum for housewives and noobs. I found 7125 firmware on another forum. this one is a cold joke.