Tablet Browser Will Not Re-Direct To WiFi Authentication Page


Senior Member
Dec 4, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Android 6

Tonight, at two different locations (restaurant and sport arena) where my tablet has always connected properly in the past (including yesterday), I could not access the wi-fi authentication page where you agree to the terms and conditions and then they let you use their wi-fi. (The tablet appears to connect to the wi-fi there, it says "connected" and the wi-fi icon appears at the top of the screen, but I can't get to the authentication page). I tried three different browsers, I tried re-starting the tablet (several times), I tried forgetting the network and re-connecting, and I could not get the web browser to show me the wi-fi authentication page. At the same locations, my Android phone's browser re-directed to the authentication page properly. Also, tonight at home, where there is no authentication page, the wi-fi connects properly and the tablet works fine.

So, I have no idea what to do next to make this work. Please enlighten me.