tablet comparable to the herotab m10?


Nov 11, 2010
so I contacted merimobiles to see what they thought, I said

I am looking for a tablet that:
-has android 2.2 or 2.1 with the ability to upgrade in the near future (because I will be browsing the web and would like to view flash 10.1)
-has either one or more USB ports (I would like to connect flash drives and watch movies and what not)
-I would prefer a HDMI port so I could play video on my tv from my tablet (but the HDMI port isn't a must)
-can play a wide variety of video files (I usually have .avi but I am not sure how common that file format is with tablets)
-can read ebooks
-can access the android market (So I can get the apps and functionality like I have on my phone)
-feels sturdy and has a good feel (as opposed to a cheap, or plastic feel)
-SD card slot
-3.5mm headphone jack
-a good touch screen (it responds well and isn't resistive, I am not sure if that makes sense)
-higher speed
-at least 256mb ram
-mini usb port

they said I should go with the m10. That thing is $299 which isn't too bad but I was hoping for a 7"-8" screen and wasn't an ipad clone mainly because they don't have the ports I would like.

So I am curious, with what I am looking for does anyone know a tablet that would fit my needs? I am fine with a 2.1 tablet as long as there is an upgrade in the future.


Jun 19, 2010
You can find a comparison between different android tablets at the link in my signature. Hope this helps.