Tablet For An Older Person


Jul 14, 2012

Need a bit of advice on 'if' a tablet is a good idea for an older person (my 92 year old dad) and if so if any or more suitable or how to set it one up.

My dad has slowly being gathering momentum regards finding and listening to music from his youth - Dinah Shore, Tommy Dorsey, Pinetop Smith, Mario Lanza, Vaughn Monroe.

I can buy them on CD or most can be 'downloaded' (legit or not) and burned to CD (he's ok with a simple CD player). However he only wants to listen to certain tracks not the full CD, so we're looking at playlists – which I could set up for him. However a CD wont do that, I could burn a selection for him and that would probably be the simplest solution.

My dads only interest and all the tablet would be used for would be Music

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience on buying or setting up a tablet for someone 'who needs it simple'. Things like big buttons, big icons, simple menus, very user friendly interface and hiding almost anything that might confuse.

There are a few 'brands' out there providing tablets/services along these lines and if I thought my dad would be ok with them I'd buy, but its possible that the thing will just gather dust.

I cant be the first person to look into this and someone out there will have successfully found a solution.

All help appreciated