tablet locked to google account

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Dec 31, 2022
Hi All,

I have a Alcatel one touch tablet that I have carried out a factory reset on but when I try to setup the tablet I can't get past the google login page, it says "sign in with a account previously synced on this device".
I am unable to get hold of the person who had the previous account so am stuck.
does anyone know how I can get round this or have I waisted my money :(



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Jun 16, 2012
We will not help you bypass any passwords, lock codes, pin numbers, swipe patterns, or any other kind of account/ownership verification on your devices. We have absolutely no way to verify ownership.

ALL problems of this sort should be directed to your service provider or product manufacturer. Contact them, provide them with the information they ask for, and see if they can help you. They are the only ones who will assist you in these matters. We cannot and will not give you any assistance with these problems.

All threads asking for help in bypassing passwords, lock codes, pin numbers, swipe patterns or any other kind of verification system will be closed and/or deleted without notice. Infractions will also be assessed, and there will be no warnings.

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