Tablet That Can Use Straight Talk SIM Card?


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Nov 26, 2016
So, I have been using Straight talk for a while, and bought a lot of the monthly plans last year when they were BOGO. (and applied them all at the same time, and have roughly 6 months of service left) Ran into a problem this weekend as my phone broke. To get the deal I needed, on the phone I wanted, I had to sign up with a different carrier. The amount I saved by buying the new phone with this deal, covers the cost of losing the 6mo of service if it comes to that, but...

since I am in the market for a tablet, I was wondering if there are any tablets out there that can run on a straight talk phone plan? I won't actually need the voice part of it, but I could put some use to the data aspect of the already paid for phone plan.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for any/all help!


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Jun 16, 2012
Straight Talk's terms and conditions prohibit you from using a phone plan on a tablet. You'd have to ask Straight Talk if they can flip the airtime over to a data-only SIM so you can then use the six months worth of data on a prospective tablet.

To actually use the tablet on the network, you would need to get a tablet that works on AT&T or T-Mobile towers. You wouldn't be able to use Verizon's network, even though they use SIM cards, because the underlying technology is different from what AT&T and T-Mobile use. The tablet itself does not need to be unlocked for use on any carrier since locked AT&T devices will work with a Straight Talk SIM, but if you can find one, so much the better.