Tablets at CES 2015? What do you expect for Tablets?


Feb 6, 2014
CES 2014 was great and a success for tablets we seen the likes of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro line and new Lenovo Yoga tablet and lots more. :)

Now CES 2015 just around the corner I really hope Samsung will announce the new models of there Tab Pro line or new tablets and i am expecting there will be new Windows 8 tablets with M core CPU like the new Dell Venue Pro 11.

And lastly i expect there will be more 8/9 inch tablets at CES 2015 i really like that tablet size it is the sweat spot for tablets! :)

So everyone what are YOU expecting at CES 2015 for tablets?
Do you think CES 2015 Will be as good as CES 2014 for tablets?
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Jan 4, 2015
I think that windows 8 tablets will make a huge explosion, late 2014 was amazing for windows with very good values on tablets

A new tegra chip will be announced which I always look forward to.

Yeah it will be as good, possibly better since that windows 8 proved itself in the tablet market and made a huge shift in popularity so it's not just android taking the show anymore with tablets. We'll see more goodies with android and windows battling it out.