Tablets Won't Join Network


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Dec 8, 2017
I have 8 Android tablets running Mobile Sheets Pro. I'm a lifelong Mac user so excuse my ignorance.

I'm using Mobile Sheets Pro app. It has a Master/Slave function where I can control page turns and song selection on everyones tablet.

When I'm on my home network, all the tablets can join my network and us the Master/Slave function perfectly.

I don't really trust Bluetooth so I'm trying to create a Wifi network at gigs so all the tablets will be synced.

I bought a TP Link MR-3020 because its tiny and sits on my pedal board.

Issue is, I can't get the tablets to connect to the TP Link unless the TP LINK has web access. When I'm away from my home (where I setup the TP LINK), the tablets will time out when trying to connect to the TP LINK. I'm guessing because the router doesnt have web access?

1. does anyone have success using this router in standalone Wifi configuration?
2. can anyone suggest a SMALL router that will allow me to simple create a Wifi network with no need for web access that the tablets can connect to and stay in sync?

Any help is appreciated.


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Jun 16, 2012
Unfortunately, without having a data connection of some sort, there's no way to do what you're asking. WiFi simply isn't designed to operate that way. For an easy example, all the computers in my house run on the same network. When the connection cuts out - which happens far more frequently than I like - I can't connect to any of the other computers.

Regarding Bluetooth, I understand where you're coming from. Blueborne is not a trivial issue. But neither is Krack, the WiFi vulnerability. Arguably, Krack is even worse, since your data from the router to your tablets can have its encryption bypassed. The point here is that if you distrust Bluetooth because of Blueborne, you also need to distrust WiFi because of Krack. It also means you need to ensure your tablets are patched against both, or you need to get tablets that are already patched. Afterward, use Bluetooth for your needs, as it was designed to not need an Internet connection to do its job.