Telechips 8900 10.1" Android Tablet - Does it have a SIM card slot?


Dec 21, 2010

I was looking around on lots of websites, and came across this one:
10' APad ePad Google Android2.1 Tablet Netbook WiFi Offie

Looks like quite a nice tablet, well specified for the price. Especially considering it has multitouch.

The thing that really got me going was that if you look at the pictures (scroll down) there is no visible 3G dongle connected to the product in any of them, but...
in the 5th and 6th pictures an Edge connection is seen
in the 6th picture the 3G setting is not greyed out
in the 10th (last) picture, there looks like a) there is a sim card sized slot next to the TF card slot, and that there is something deceptivley like a sim card plugged into the right hand side.

Is this for real?!
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