Tethering or USB Dongle? Purchasing new Tablet soon!


Mar 19, 2011
I own the HTC EVO 4G (Android 2.2) through Sprint and I'm addicted to the Android OS. I plan on purchasing a tablet within a week. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what tethering or USB Dongle is? I am pretty technical as a user, but I'm not a developer/programmer at all. Does this mean that I can connect a tablet to my phone so that I could access the Internet through my unlimited data plan or would I need to subscribe to the WiFi Hot Spot? If so, could someone tell me if my EVO 4G has the capability to have a new tablet access the Internet, and if so, what technology do I look for in a tablet to make sure it is also compatible?

I don't necessarily need to wait for the Honeycomb OS, but I would like to at least have Android 2.2 so that I can use Flash. I actually would prefer my first tablet to be Android 2.2 to keep the cost down while they fix any bugs and upgrades in Honeycomb and allow it to come down a little in price. Any suggestions on a tablet that would go well with my EVO 4G?