texting, Xoom to non-smart phone


Dec 31, 2011
Hi all, from a noob. I am a new Xoom WiFi owner who has never owned a cell phone of any kind. My daughter and grand daughter both have non-smartphones, and are very adept at texting. I am interested in an app that will allow me to text with them without having to go through each other's email accounts. I tried Heywire for a while, which worked pretty well but seemed to use an inordinate amount of battery power, and seemed to do so even after a forced stop, so I uninstalled it. Now I'm back to looking for a new app, and for all I know, an app may not be the way to go. My question then, is: what is the best way to do what I want to do, (text from my Xoom to a non-smartphone) whether with an app or otherwise? Also, I'm guesing that IM is out of the question since they do not have smart phones. As stated earlier, I know little or nothing about cell phones, smart or non-smart.

Thanks in advance