The Elite Team: Group of Passionate Devs Accepting Apps Over on


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Jan 5, 2011


There are obviously a ton of great developers of all kinds across our many forums. That is one of the best things about the forums... that it creates a place where creative tinkerers and master coders can come together to share in their technological passion. We have a great example of this for you today. One of our own admins over at, who goes by the name, zerofeel, is putting together a group of passionate devs called "The Elite Team." The concept is simply to organize a group of like-minded creative folks to create some amazing tech!

The Elite Team is looking for a wide variety of skill-sets, from software experts and hardware modders, to videographers, graphic designers and more. They are taking applications for skilled individuals who share in their dream of dominating the web with amazing roms, mods, customizations, themes, and more!

Zerofeel is no stranger to this process either. He was quite successful at building a similar team at one of our sister-sites, For those interested here's an excerpt from his thread over at

To become a member of the team you will need to submit examples of some of your work and most importantly have the right attitude. Our team members encompass all of the following traits:

A) Dedicated
B) Team Player
C) Secretive
D) Humorous
E) Intelligent
F) Patient
G) Friendly

If you are expecting donations, fame, and free devices we don’t want you on our team. We want people who understand the heart of open source and do this for the passion.

What will be doing? The goal is for our entire team to hang out in our irc channel and collaborate on different development and hacking projects. We will be working on ports, roms, custom applications, rooting techniques, and more… If you want to be a part of something big with a global impact, this will be the place to be.

To apply to become a member of our team, please fill out the below form for consideration by our staff.

Here is a source link to their thread over at Applications now being accepted for the Elite Team

Here is a direct link to the Elite Team Google Docs Application: