The Official "Waiting For The VTAB 3010" Thread


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Aug 20, 2011
Much to my surprise: No "waiting for the VTAB 3010" thread! It's got to be coming soon, no? It was demo'd at the CES, back in early January. I'm surprised there's no anticipation, here.

Thoughts on what little you've seen or heard about the 3010?

A few thoughts, off the top of my head, from what I've seen...

Allegedly a new Intel processor. I wonder what the performance will be like? Watching one of the videos, the demo unit at CES didn't appear to flip orientations much faster than does the 1008.

I hope it doesn't take forever-in-a-day for the apps we use to become available.

Sharp, square corners? I hope they re-thought that. As you can see by the way one guy is one-handing the demo model in one of the videos: That could get uncomfortable on the palm in short order.

Launching with HC, rather than ICS? That seems an odd decision.

Somebody thought they spotted two IR bits. Maybe the new IR blaster remote will have learning capability?

Glad to see they're retaining the three speakers. That's always been a nice touch.

The rear-facing camera will be welcome. I hope that the front-facing camera is much better than the 1008's, which my wife and I have both found to be largely useless.



Nov 5, 2011
I totally agree on the vtab1008's camera... sub-horrible.

I anxiously await the 3010 so I can give my 1008 to my 13 yr old... he just got 8th place in the ACSI National Spelling Bee... and had they not messed up, would have been in the top 4. They gave Kindle Fire's for the 2nd thru 4th places, and a New iPad for top place... any of which he'd have gladly sold to get an Android tablet. He doesn't care about the camera, his rooted & much-mod'd Captivate takes care of most of his portable 'droid needs like that.