'The Woz' Wishes We Would See an Apple and Google Partnership in the Future


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Jan 5, 2011

Most Apple (and/or technology) fans know the name Steve Wozniak and his famous nickname, "The Woz." Back when Apple was first founded, he and Steve Jobs were best friends and Wozniak was the brilliant engineer who implemented many of Jobs' brilliant ideas. For the most part he is well-liked despite having left Apple long ago. Whether you like him or not, "The Woz" is an indelible part of Apple's history, and to this date whenever he makes a statement about technology people take notice. He recently sat down for an interview with BBC News Click and shared an intriguing fantasy about the future of technology, including new tech he believes we will see pretty soon.

We will include much of what he said in quotes below, but the most intriguing idea yet is his suggesting that Apple and Google should be partners. Read on to find out more,

In reference to the evolution of voice technology Wozniak said,
"Sometimes I say 'Go to Joe's Diner' and [Siri] doesn't know where Joe's Diner is. And very often usually I find out that Android does."

He elaborated,
"That is actually the future of intelligence probably for computers getting smarter and getting artificial intelligence. I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future."

When asked about this fantasy partnership he added,
"I don't know. If I were there, it would be pretty likely. I'm probably wrong, there's probably an awful lot I don't know about the business concerns and one thing you've got to remember is a company has always got to make money."

He continued pushing the ideas of openness and sharing information to help benefit everyone and push technology forward faster. He said,

"I believe you should have a world where you've got to license something at a fair price. There are good things I see on Samsung phones that I wish were in my iPhone. I wish Apple would use them and could use them, and I don't know if Samsung would stop us.

I wish everybody just did a lot of cross-licensing and sharing the good technology, all our products would be better, we'd go further. I do wish they were more compatible."

Earlier in the interview, Wozniak also discussed some of his tech ideas for the future,
"I want a full smartphone-like capability on my wrist. The trouble is the more I think about it, I don't want the small size. We're just at the verge of having products that have foldability and flexibility.

For about three or four years I've been talking about organic LED displays that could be theoretically printed on plastic, wrapped and folded. But think outside of the box. It could be on the inside of your arm and then when you flip your arm up it could actually flip open into your own hand."

These are just some amazing concepts shared by "The Woz" proving that he can be an idea man too! It's a shame the tech industry doesn't adopt his collaborative mindset. Imagine what the world would be like if companies worked together to help propel each other further. It's a shame his fantasy isn't likely to become a reality.

Source: BBCNews
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