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Dec 30, 2011
Hi! I'm ferretlady97, although across the internet I have various other usernames (my only other one that I actually use at the moment is anonny125). I live in a township near Ann Arbor, Michigan (close enough that that's the school district I go to, at least). I just got a Coby Kyros tablet MID8125 for Christmas, thus giving me the status of having the most awesome laptop in my household :D I'm slightly uncomfortable giving personal information away to any random stranger on the internet who happens to be reading this, but still. I love to sing, and everybody says that I'm good at it. If you look me up on youtube in the future (same username as here), than I might have some videos up of me singing random songs that I like (<--shameless self-advertisement)! I also really, REALLY love cats, and have for my entire life. This is not an exaggeration. At the moment, I only have one, but for a little more than 24 hours I once had 10 at once! I have a slight tendency to become mind-consumingly obsessive over things for short periods of time (ranging from a week to I think the current record holder is two years (held by a webcomic that I read, MS Paint Adventures, which is funny and you should read it), depending on how frequently the thing in question updates) before completely forgetting it ever existed, which is the main cause of my tendency to make a stupid comment once on something before seemingly disappearing off the face of the internet. It will also probably make today the only time I ever look at here. I also make up words a lot. Most of them are real words with suffixes on them, but "shingbob" (the G is silent, it just means that I don't really know what to call something) is one of my favorites. Other than that, I am a severe spelling, grammar, and punctuation nazi. I will call you out on it, but generally only if I know and am friends with you. If not, I will be shouting at you in my head, or, in cases of extreme text speak, read it aloud to anyone nearby as we laugh at it. Rambling is also a tendency that I have. You can probably tell, given how long this is. I'm really good at math, to the point where, for the past 3 years, I have had teachers asking me to help them help my classmates. I write like I think and talk: semi-spontaneous (mostly, what I write is connected to what I last wrote, but not always, it depends on when I think of things and how long I care to elaborate on them), lots of sentence fragments and really long sentences, and conversational. Because of this, I suck at writing essays. That, and the fact that I have trouble stretching out what I would normally consider to be a sentence or two over several paragraphs. I'm a freshman at an awesometastic (another one of my favorite made up words! I think my friend may've actually made that one, though. My memory is kinda crap, especially at these mostly insignificant pieces of trivia) high school. I don't actually have a way to get home afterward until 6' pm, so after school I usually chill at the library or at this neat place downtown that's like a daycare for teenagers. It's really awesome. There's pool tables, computers, free food, a stage in the back room with various music equipment, tables scattered around for homework doing and other things, an arcade machine with lots of retro stuff on it, and I gather there's other stuff but that's all that I've really explored. My appetite isn't all that big. A single large pastry is enough to feed me for an entire week (excluding Fridays, that's long lunch at school and lobster bisque at the hot dog stand down the road day)! Every Wednesday, the Farmer's Market is right across the street from my school, and I'm a regular at one of the pastry stands. Since it's currently vacation, I don't actually eat lunch at all unless forced or hungry enough to notice, even with the sensory blocker that is whatever I'm doing on the computer or occasionally the television at any given time (usually browser games, wiki walking, or Minecraft, with brief breaks for watching youtube and netflix and reading my bajillions of comics that I subscribe to) or the entire family is going out. Otherwise, dinner is enough to fill me up for a long time, and I never eat breakfast. Ever. I suppose occasionally, but practically never. I'm a serious night person. I frequently pull all-nighters, and have an extremely difficult time waking up at 7:00 or so am to go to school when I don't, no matter how early I managed to get to bed the night before. If I got to bed at a reasonable time the night before, 10:00 am is more around the time I'll wake up. If not, it'll be more like noon at best, but occasionally at 3:00 pm or later.

...I don't really have anything else to say at the moment, and this is getting pretty long long, so I guess I'm gonna stop now. Bye!
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Mar 24, 2011
Hi ferretlady97, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on your new tablet. Glad you decided to join us as a member of the forum.


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Sep 24, 2010
Wonderful intro! Congrats on your new tablet and welcome to the forum, glad to have you here.