Thomson MID1002 Stuck In Boot Loop


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Feb 17, 2018
Hey Guys.
My Thomson MID1002 is stuck in a boot Loop.
im looking for the Jelly Bean Firmware download so i can load it onto the SD Card and flash the stupid thing.
is anyone able to help me find the file as i cannot find it anywhere.

"add on"
i would like to also mention that i have accessed android recovery and wiped cache and also tried the Format and restore to factory setting where is would just be stuck on Formatting /data.
it doesnt go any further. I have left it on Formatting over night and i wake up with it still stuck on the same screen.

thanks guys

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Feb 19, 2018
Have you looked on xda-developers website? I have been working on my own issue for days and remember seeing some fixes for the boot loop issue and how to get out of it. Sorry I don't remember where.