Today I learned: Never use the 9v DC PS while the tablet is on.


Jan 1, 2011
Barely had this tablet for a month, was spending alot of time watching TV and surfing in bed, while I had the 9v DC power supply plugged in. After a week of doing this, I was having some serious problems with stability. Many common apps like Facebook, OperaMini and Gmail were crashing. Didnt crash Android, either the app would go *poof* and dissapear, or I would get a generic Android error msg, followed by it going *poof* back to the main desktop area. I would also leave the device plugged in and charging while left while in standby (screen lock).

I think heat might have been an issue, which led to instability. Not having these issues anymore. I now turn off the device to let it charge and try to avoid charging it while im using it. Sure as hell dont have this problem with my G1 phone running 1.6, neither does my sister with her 2.2 phone. But this tablet may have some issues.

If you are having stability issues, you may want to avoid charging it in combination with heavy use.