TOMOC - game for your brain

Jan 30, 2011
Hi everyone,

I am working on one simply game with name TOMOC which you can find on android market (search word "tomoc") or over web

Try it and let me know how you want to change it. This game will be always free.

[*] Updated game layout, added to score board actual count of points.
[+] Added world high score where you can compare your score with the world.

[*] Updated game layout, added space for game timer and high score
[+] Added function for working with game timer
[+] Added function for saving/loading game high scores

[*] Restylized buttons graphics (without white border)
[+] Added dialog START NEW GAME when dialog HOW TO PLAY is hidden
[+] Added function which show colours order
[+] Added function for start new game in some board size

[+] Added function for remember latest played board size
[+] Added function for turn on/off dialog HOW TO PLAY
[*] Added game background and remade style of buttons
[*] Updated algorithm for changing colors
[*] Removed bug on devices with HW keyboard
Best regards,
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