Toshiba changing name from Excite X10 to Excite LE


Feb 8, 2012
So guess what. We all know that Toshiba has developed a new tablet to 1 up the Toshiba thrive (which was a failure as far as I'm concerned) called the Excite X10 (or AT200 in Europe). I like the overall look and design of the Excite X10.

None the less, the X10 was suppose to be Toshiba's next step in the right direction for tablets. However, it appears that they made a drastic name change for the Excite. Instead of it being the Excite "X10" they are now calling it the Excite 10 "LE". This is some news as usually LE means "Light Edition" indicating that there could be a heftier tablet from Toshiba on the way.

Perhaps maybe even a Tegra 3 Toshiba tablet that sports a similar size as the Excite -- which Toshiba claims is the lightest and thinnest. I'm excited!

You can check out the name change here: Toshiba Direct | Toshiba Excite 10 LE Tablet Computers