total newbie needs a little help


Dec 5, 2012
Hey all, I do not have a device yet but am looking toward an android. The main thing I need to be able to do is sync my pc google calendar with the handheld android device. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy 4 player. I would like to be able to create and edit the calendar on the device while offline (if no wifi is available) and have it sync up later with my pc when it is wifi connected. Is this possible? Is there a google calendar app that allows me to work offline like this on the Galaxy. I know it runs an older version of android (maybe 2.2 or something like that, not 4.0) I thought I saw somewhere that a google app is now available but for 4.0 Is that the version that will do what I want? Sorry for the long text, I am really new to this and don't want to make a mistake.
thanks for the help!


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Dec 27, 2011
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There is a calendar on your tablet that should allow you to edit and make changes off-line. (maybe I missed something). It should be in your app drawer where it lists all your apps and it's called Calendar. It will sync with Google when you get back on-line. Syncing with anything other than Google, on your desktop, is another story. What am I missing?


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Sep 6, 2011
I am forever adding to my Google calendar when off-line and as soon as I connect to any internet the Google calendar updates with the cloud. By the way, I am using Google's Nexus 7. Fantastic device. And if you get a Nexus 7 or the new 10" you will get the first software updates as soon as they are available. With other brands (off brands) you are at the mercy of the manufacturer when and if they decide to send out the new firmwares.