Transfer Box problems, no USB or Ethernet connection


Dec 26, 2011
Hi All,
I need some help please…

I have the this tablet a Via 8650 Epad: Wholesale - Best selling Xmas Gifts Tablet PC 7 inch Via 8650 Epad 800M 256M 2GB Two point | **********

From device information:-
Model Number :- m799ca V2.0
Android Version :- 2.3.3
Baseband version :- unknown
Kernel Version :- neville@neville-desktop #4
Build Number :- m799ca-eng 2.3.3 GRI40 eng.petter.20111128.170033 test-keys

Internet via Wi-Fi works and SD card read ok! The problem is I can’t get the USB/RJ45 “Transfer Box” to work. It don’t look like it’s interfacing because I don’t see LED light up on the USB thumb drive or LED on the modem to show that is a connection on the other end of Ethernet or see any existence of the two on the tablet. I know it’s the correct version (24 PIN) because the 3 groves fits and it only goes in one way. I tried to ask the seller but their English is really bad.

The H/W is ok, I read some Transfer Boxes were factory faulty being too shout but this is not the case I tested this theory and it’s all the way in, when I disassemble it (taking out the shell) and pushed it in all the way.

I’m thinking it’s the S/W, need a flash or I need to enable something. I brought 2 of these units and they both have the same fault.

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance,


Jan 9, 2012
Sorry if my English is Bad.

My tablet Via 8650 and have same device information like you.
I have same problems before, I think the transfer box is not really plugin properly and in this situation I try to open and release the box of USB/RJ45 “Transfer Box” with a screwdriver. I plugin to the tablet without the box and it's Work.
You can try it and good luck.


Jan 9, 2012
i am sorry your tablet is not the via 8650
it is the infotmic processor so it not 3G USb if you get the ‘Sun sticker“ i am sorry it is bad quality there are many problem