Transfer from internal to external Help

Nov 5, 2012
From what I've read, it seems that if I have pics and videos I've already taken, that are stored on my tablets internal storage..... I'd have to plug into a PC, transfer them to PC, somehow, then from a PC to maybe a flash drive plugged directly into the PC, or possibly back onto my tablet, but can I select for the transfer to go to external storage? I also wanted to ask about where these pics and videos would go if transfered to my PC, as it is a PC with multiple users and my data is a bit risky, so to speak. My worry is that the transfered data could end up somewhere I am unaware of and it could be accessed by another user..... Any Suggestions? Thanks, Krista


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Dec 27, 2011
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You have asked a few questions. Allow me to attempt a more general answer. You can copy photos from your tablet to external storage, mostly if you can connect the external storage. So you would either need a USB port for a flash drive or external hard disk, or an SD card slot. As for making the items you transferred private, that's an entirely different subject and possibly not for a novice to handle.

If copying the files to your PC, using a file manager, you could put them anywhere you had access to on the PC. Totally up to you.