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Jan 18, 2011
I don't know where I should have posted this issue, but hopefully I can get the help I need. I just bought a Viewsonic G Tablet and also own a Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S phone. Here is my issue. I've paid for a few games and apps that I would love to have on the bigger and better machine. I know I can back up some of my apps and make apk files, but I am worried that they will not work once I transfer the apk file from my phone to the tablet. Please let me know if anyone has a solution. I am also planning on running tnt on my tablet if that helps with anything.


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Aug 6, 2010
Some you can, Others you can't and many you shouldn't without breaking the licensing agreement. What I mean is:
1. Some APKs (Apps) can be backed up and installed on another device
2. Some APKs (Apps) can be backed up but will not install on another device (Many reasons)
3. But the gotcha is the license. Some are licensed to the user, Others are licensed to the device. Unless you know the License, this cannot be answered well. This might install, but your violation of the license will/may prevent updates.

Sorry to be vague, but it is the joy of legal use of the apps


Oct 19, 2010
TnT (stock) or TnT-lite? TnT stock doesn't have Market access, TnT-lite does. I believe there is an "enhancement pack" that gives the performance pack increases and the google apps available for stock TnT. Either or....if you have the Market......

It's really really really simple. Use the same Gmail account you use on your phone.

Download your paid apps to your tablet.

Apps are tied to your Gmail account, not your device (in case in a few years you decided to get a new phone, etc...).

I have a Droid, two Gtablets, and a multitude of Android emulators I've run (while testing rom builds I was doing for my Droid) and all have access to the paid apps from the Market.
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