Transferring Outlook Email Addresses to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet


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Jun 4, 2015
Really old newbie (78YO) needs handholding and key - by - key instructions for bulk transferring existing e-mail addresses on my PC using MS Outlook as e-mail source to the Contacts app of the tablet.. Presume I use USB cable connecting PC to tablet , or somehow synchronize PC to tablet with my WIFI signal between the two? I did it " magically" (translation: cannot recall what I did!) before. Unfortunately, SAMSUNG rep had to reinstall OS on tablet after software glitch developed; tablet again works OK, but it wiped out my earlier -installed address book transferred from MS Outlook. Can anyone help me recreate my former magic??


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Dec 27, 2011
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Without purchasing se[rate software that would sync your Outlook with Google, (like gSyncit), you can export your Outlook address book to VCF format and then import it into G-Mail on the WEB or directly into the address book on your tablet.