Trying to buy androids in Toronto


May 25, 2011
Hello i live in Toronto Canada and im trying to purchase a tablet.I can't order online so can you tell me a place i can go and buy it that's in Toronto.
Coby kyros M1d 7015... i want to but i haven't seen it in any Canadian stores. its the best tablet i've seen in a affordable price but its not in Toronto or i dont know if they have it here. I checked best buy and future shop website and of course walmart
Archos 32 Internet Tablet 139
Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet
Our Price:$179.95
yeah there's other tablets but those are the one i mainly see ,can you list some tablets that are better than these arc-hos and that are as good as the coby or even better at 150 ,Oh and i prefer if its 7'. I'm not paying over 150 without taxes and rember Toronto stores please no online . Thank u very much


Sep 23, 2010
Hey there,
We are tablet store in Toronto. We have a location where you can stop by and see what we have for yourself.
We do not offer Coby Kyros but have very similar models at reasonable prices. You can check our product line at
The one that you might be interested in is going to be Wopad and Trackpad tablets.

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