Turning off e-mail...how?


Jan 19, 2013
When I'm not using the galay tab2 10.1 tablet and have it tirned off i'm getting an alarm which I think is telling me that I have an e-mail message. I looked at the task manager and nothing is running.
how do I turn off to the e-mail (I think its the email) to reserve battery power.
if I go to setup and click on manage apps, then click on the tab called active it tells me thst there are many programs still active but non of them are apps that I use. Is it safe to stop these background programs (apps) or should I leave them running. They are things such as the Samsung keyboard that show they are running in the background.

Advice wanted please as I am new to the Samsung galaxy tab 2.


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Dec 27, 2011
There are a few options but the one I prefer is to install Auto Airplane Mode (by DON) from the Google Store. It automatically disables your WiFi when the tablet is sleeping, and that's a huge battery saver.


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Jul 6, 2011
Check in Settings - Accounts. Look at what accounts you have installed. You can turn off sync from the apps from there. Most likely it is your GMail app if you have a google account configured for the Play Store. If it is your Google Account, open the GMail app and go into settings (hit the menu key and go to Settings) to turn off notifications and change how often it checks for new mail.