Typing on a capacitave screen


Oct 11, 2010
This is the whole reason I was waiting for the Archos, but I'm curious... since you guys probably have had more experience...

Which one would the cap. screen be better on, the 10 inch or the 7 inch? and even then, is it advisable to type on it... such as memoirs or blogs and such!

Thank you for your responses in advance!


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Aug 6, 2010
If typing, I would go with the real estate of the 10 inch. The hunt and peck, two finger and small hands will be right at home on the 10 inch. Properly oriented and adjusted, while not a keyboard, it will be closer than ANY resistive keyboard. Xaueious made a similar statement earlier. But my experience is the screen typing will never be the same as a keyboard. I dug out a BT mini-Keyboard I remembered I had. It works quite well on my A81-E. On the 101, I am hopeful my fat fingers will not hinder decent typing.