ubislate 7cx systemui.apk lost help


Junior Member
Jul 27, 2014
Im in big trouble While using xposed installer there was an error "systemui stopped" and my status bar gone so I uninstalled systemui.APk using root uninstaller and when I try to install there was no systemui.APk file in system/app please someone post systemui.apk its tiny APk which is in system/app of ubislate 7cx. my wallpaper is not working..help


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
You obviously are rooted. However, given the genesis of the problem I don't believe you should have rooted. In any event, your tablet is one we've not heard of, so you may be waiting a while for that file. You might want to get a hold of the manufacturer and see if they have a firmware image you can use. Failing that, you can try to use SystemUI.apk from another device. It may work, but it's more likely not to.