Ultralight Android Edge powers off when AC adapter is unplugged


Oct 3, 2012
I recently got a 7" Ultralight Android Edge from a Directbuy Promo. I charged the Tablet over night and it was working fine. My daughter was surfing the web and the tablet shut off. If I plug in the adapter it boots fine but when it is unplugged it shuts off. With the adapter plugged it says charged and when I check the battery it says 100%.

It is a Chinese Tablet and the box has Android MID label on it.

under about the following info is present

Model # A13-MID
Android version 4.04
Baseband 1.5
Kernal 3.0.8+
Build Nuclear_pfdq88c-eng 4.04

  1. I reset the tablet to factory setting with no luck.
  2. I have searched the forums for a hard reset method with no luck.
  3. I have held the power button down for 45 sec
  4. I have held power button and volume buttons down with no luck.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



It could be the tablet batteries are not holding a charge 100%, and you don't need to charge the tablet over night all it needs is two hours or less if i was you i would return it if you can.
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