[unbranded Android 2.2] G sensor does not work?


Jun 17, 2011
Hi guys,

Yesterday I received my 7 inch unbranded Android 2.2 tablet from a Chinese webshops, and I am trying to figure it out.
I have a HTC Desire phone so Android is not new for me but I am trying to solve a problem I have with the G sensor.

The problem is that the screen does not turn at all when I move the tablet.

When I go to Settings > Screen > Autorotate the tick is checked yes. But yet the screen does not rotate and is stuck in one single mode. When I uncheck the box and turn the screen manual it does work.

My details:
7 " ePad (unbranded)
Android version 2.2
Kernel version
Build number generic-eng 2.2 froyo ver 1.3.0-blabla

Is there a way I can see if this is a software problem or a hardware problem?

Thanks in advanced.