Unbrick bricked unidentified Chinese tablet


Apr 1, 2012
Hello, this is my first post.
I am a big Android noob...
I bought a used Chinese tablet off Craigslist a long while ago and never used the pad much. Basically because it did not have the Market installed and anything. So I found out about rooting and how to install the market, even though I did not even know who the manufacturer of the Pad is ^^.
I rooted it with an app whose name I forgot, somthing z4....? Like, I rooted it directly via the app on the device. Then I followed some guides I googled to install Appmarket, Gmail and so on. Everything worked fine, and I was using the tab for like a week. But now, just reading a PDF on it, the system stopped working. When I reset the device, only the Green Android Logo shows up, then the system hangs. So I figure this means it is bricked.

Any help on what tablet it is, how I can unbrick it etc is superhighly appreciated.

See the attached photos for details and thanks on ahead!


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