Understanding GPU performance regarding screen size


Jul 15, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm not a expert of the under hood hardware of the tablets.

From reading some blogs here is what I understand about Soc CPU:
  1. Soc (System-on-chip ) mean the chip integrates CPU, GPU, Cache MEM and some decoding functions as for 1080P or Flash and so on
  2. For GPU, the performance is determine in term of Speed (Mhz) that can be traduce to "triangles/s" and "Nb of pixels filled/s"
  3. Regarding point 2 and for the same pitch (Nb pixels/inch), a GPU will be better perform on a smaller screen. The opposite, of course, will that for a same GPU perfomance, the pitch will have to be higher (mean less resolution) so mean lost of definition on bigger screen for a specific GPU

Saying that here a comparison of 2 CPU as example (This only a example not a opinion on the CPU ;-)

CPU A: AML-8726-MX
  • 40nm made process
  • Dual-Core AMR A9 Architecture
  • 1.5Ghz
  • 256k L2 Cache
  • Dual-Core of GPU Mali-400 300Mhz

CPU B: RK2918
  • 55nm made process
  • Single-Core AMR A8 Architecture
  • 1.2Ghz
  • 512k L2 Cache
  • Single-Core of GPU GC800 600MHz

GPU Triangles/s
  • CPU A 88M triangles/s
  • CPU B 60M triangles/s

Because of the Dual-Core of GPU, CPU A can reach a higher performance in term of triangles/s

Knowing that is more complex than that, do you think it is a good GENERAL understanding ?

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