Uninstalling/Replacing Apps On My Mach Speed 9.7" Android (They don't want to go)


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Jul 21, 2014
Morning Everyone

My Mach Speed 9.7" Android doesn't have Google Play Store installed on it so rather than going through the process of rooting and using ADB software (which sometimes can cause more problems than good), I decided to find an alternative App Store and came across 1 Mobile. It has most of the things I use (and most of what I can find on Google play) Downloaded the 1 mobile store app....in business! The problem comes with some of the software that came installed on the tablet. 1 Mobile finds the apps and issues an update for the factory installed apps. When I try to update, I get a message that I can't update because of lack of permissions/resources. It says to remove the app and install the new app from 1 Mobile. Ok.......how do I uninstall the factory app? (In this case, I speaking of You Tube and the factory browser) What do I do to remove these? When I go to the Settings/Apps menu, they have no provisions for an uninstall. I'm sure the permissions issue comes from the previous owner going to the Trio Apps Store to get apps. Trio/Mach Speed no longer services the site.

1 Mobile has everything I need ......if I can get the old stuff off.:mad: What do I do? Can someone help a brother out?:(


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Mar 24, 2011
If you "long press" on an icon in the app drawer, a trashcan should appear. Drag the icon and drop it into the trashcan. This may not work for some of the factory installed apps.