Unusable Areas Of The Screen


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Dec 31, 2010
Hey Team,

I've just got myself a SGT 7 and think it's pretty good so far. I've been a Nook Color (running CM7) user for almost a couple of years now so am reasonably comfortable with Android, although not ICS.

Something that does bother me about the Tab is the seemingly unusable area of the screen in regard to placing icons/shortcuts at the top and bottom.
The areas I'm referring to are in red:

Is there a way to use this space?

Also, I like the popup shortcut menu at the bottom center (the ^), is there a way to define what goes there? I know you can enable/disable the individual shortcuts but the choices appear to be set, not configurable.

Thanks in advance


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Jan 13, 2011
Hi Abbunz,I have the same popup apps at the button center of my galaxy 8.9 and after trying every thing to change those apps. I came to the conclusion that you are stuck with them.Regarding those empty spaces on the upper and lower screen, I can use them onlyon my panoramic screens .


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Jul 6, 2011
Try a custom launcher like Apex or Nova. They can sometimes allow you to use more of the screen (as well as get rid of the Google Search Bar).

I know Apex you can define how much of a buffer is on either side of the screen as dead space.