Updating to latest firmware/etc.

John Conley

Feb 7, 2011
I just did the update, got it from the Elocity website.

I had spent hours before trying to download Documents to Go.

But the Android store says I have no devices. Goggle says I have no devices. They seem to expect a phone.

Once the update was done I acquired a lot of new ones, including an Ereader with downloadable books and oh! the Documents to Go App.

So I know have a whole lot of new icons. And the app I wanted. But I can't use Google's apps from their mobile App website.

I'm staying on this.


Feb 24, 2011
I am downloading the latest firmware upgrade. It launced from the Micro disc well enough but it's been running for several hours now. The Elocity logo just keeps flashing with the waving light. how long did it take you to complete the firmware if you did it that is? Also I'm trying to download Borders ebooks app and like you mentioned, it keeps asking for a phone to be connected. Heck it said that I have no phone registered and wont let me complete. Have a solution to either or both?


Dec 27, 2010
I just bought a A7 from ShopNBC and copied updated zip to my Mac & formatted micro to FAT then slipped micro into A7 , it worked perfectly and was finished in about 5 minutes. I checked "About device" and the new update number was there showing it was done correctly. Good luck!
I also loaded Kindle and Nook apps, no problem, did not ask about any phone it just downloaded it.

Also go to Maxthon.com and download it , it a killer browser, lots of extra features, much better the Google browser.
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