USB Camera?


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Jun 1, 2014
Hi, bought cheap tablet last year, wife decided she didn't need it, grand daughter played with it for a while (really need to remove the Justin Beiber video's she downloaded - when I figure out how :D)
Anyway, I finally found a use for it.
I need to find some way to connect a mini USB camera that will actually work?
I have tried various apps but none recognise the camera (USB is working fine on tablet with thumb drive, much faster than the Win Vista laptop I have)
Apparently I have to root device to get USB/second camera working?
Now, I have a basic understanding of root (from using Linux, Ubuntu12.04LTS and Mint 16) but, I can't press Ctr/Alt/T to get a terminal :rolleyes:
Is there a basic beginners guide?
It's iB Elite 9" Capacitive Tablet
Model 910CA
AllWinner A13, 1.3GHz
512mb DDR3 Ram
4GB Nand Flash
OS Android 4.1.1

I put a 32Gb Micro SD card in it
Would prefer not to remove whatever is driving the internal camera
I have 'Enable media scanning on USB enabled but that only looks for something to 'read'
I want to be able to get a couple of minutes video dierctly onto the SD card if possible?
I want to see if I can film fuel discharge on ' vintage' (1970's Honda) motorcycle by filming down intake - I know I could use laptop but it's big and bulky in comparison to tablet
I've done BIOS flash on various motherboards and switched Windows for various 'flavours' of LINUX on desktops but swapping out Android OS on tablet is something completely new to me
Is it as simple as downloading to a thumb drive then booting or way more complicated?
Thanks in advance, I would prefer not to brick tablet, if it's avoidable :eek:
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