USB powered speakers


Senior Member
Feb 5, 2011
Is there such as thing as micro-USB powered speakers for the tablet? :)

I was thinking that you could use the typical slim USB speakers, such as for a notebook PC, and plug it into the tablet's headphone jack for sound, and micro-USB jack for power. You'd have to change the connector from USB-A to micro-USB.

You could also use a AA battery-powered slim-speaker and just plug it into the headphone jack, and save the tablet's battery. You could even use a slim notebook speaker with your spare 11,000maH spare battery, but that's one more heavy thing to carry.

Right now I think I would either go with the AA power or the USB power pack, but I will take a look around. It would be super-slick to avoid using that extra battery totally, but you 'll end up with a short-lived tablet charge.:(