Aug 27, 2011
I have only had my A500 for a couple weeks and I am new to the Android environment. I have a question that I hope will not seem too dumb.

I have a Targus USB DVD/ROM player and I was wondering if it ispossible to use it to watch a DVD here on my A500. I've plugged it in the USB port and it starts spinning, but that is as far as I get. There are no controls on the player unit other than a STOP button, so I am assuming that everything would need to be software controled. Is there an app that would allow all of this to work?

I have done all of the system updates and everything seems to be working well !

Thanks !
p.s. - what does "rooted" mean or refer to? I have seen this mentioned quite a lot here in the forums.

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Jul 30, 2011
Something like a DVD would probably have to install drivers and I doubt they are supported at the present time.
You can use USB portable hard drives though.
So it is best to download a PC program like freemaker video converter and it will convert your dvd to android.
I use Freemaker and it is very simple to use.
I have converted about 50 movies and have them on a portable usb drive.
Put it on either a portable drive or a micro sd or move it from your computer.
If it's bluray I think you would need Handbrake to convert it.
There is a thread on XDA developers with instructions on how to handbrake.
How to: Handbrake and A500 - xda-developers
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