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Jul 9, 2010
eLocity Support

eLocity A7 at XDA Developers
Elocity A7 - xda-developers

Custom Firmware for eLocity A7 - ElocityMod by Dexter_nlb
[ROM][18-jan-2011] ElocityMod v1.1 for Elocity A7 - xda-developers
Features Google apps includeing Google market
Wma/wmv media playback
Improved game support

To install (original XDA post):
1) Boot into recovery
2) do a wipe data/factory reset
3) apply (having renamed 1.0b to - capital U)
4) after the yellow message "Reboot via menu to complete installation And power on again. Formatting MISC:..., I select "reboot system now" from menu..
5) I get the "Writing images to be updated" menu, and then the update screen with the rotating "/"
6) After a minute, I get the "Updated the device. Reboot the device.. Reboot now!"
7) After reboot, went back to recovery menu.. wiped data/factory reset again (per your suggestion)..
8) Reboot system now..

Entering Recovery Mode
You can get into recovery mode by powering the device on, waiting a second or so and then holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Tap Home to get to the menu options.

Back is down, Search is up, Menu is select.
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